Flywheel Takes on Human Performance Challenge


It’s week three for Flywheel Project, and the heat is on! In addition to starting their projects with entrepreneurs in the Black Lab Sports ecosystem, the nine interns from six colleges across the U.S. have already accepted and responded to a time-sensitive challenge from Black Lab Sports CEO JP O’Brien.


JP kicked off the exercise with a presentation on what the future looks like—from energy and transportation to education and health—and what kind of person will likely thrive in the coming years. Essentially, those who are ThinkerDoers, who maintain a beginner’s mindset, who practice conscious leadership, and who live according to their core purpose will be the ones to adapt and contribute to the rapidly changing world around them.

From there, JP dropped a challenge on the group, along with a strict deadline to complete it. He asked the interns to identify the top ten potential partners for Black Lab Sports, who both align with the Black Lab ethos and who are “really looking to play in human performance” today and for years to come. Once divided into two teams, the Flywheelers had 45 minutes to complete their initial research and report back to the group.

Upon regrouping, both sets of interns got a few minutes to present their early ideas and strategies to each other. When given the choice to remain in two halves or to work as one large unit, the preference was a quick and unanimous merger. Back to the drawing board they went, this time for a mere 30 minutes. This would be the team’s last opportunity to nail down its search criteria, land on ten solid potential partners, and prepare to defend its choices before JP.


Less than two hours after he made his challenge, JP returned for Flywheel Project’s final presentation. With 15 minutes on the clock, the eight interns took turns presenting and backing up their findings. The main criteria they had used were: Mission Statement (Values and Purpose), Size, and Partners. And the categories they had considered included: Education, Wellness, Food and Beverage, Community / Lifestyle, Sports / Fitness, Technology, Innovation, and Cognitive / Physical Performance. With those as guideposts, the group had eventually agreed on ten companies that they believed would make a good fit with Black Lab Sports’ commitment to pushing human performance, while also prospering in the future.


In the end, Lacey, Kody, Ryan, Ben, Thad, Karson, Andrew, Blake, and Sophie came together to deliver a thoughtful and convincing presentation. Even with the time crunch and stress associated with public speaking, they were able to synchronize their individual approaches and agree on ten promising partners for Black Lab Sports. The message of JP’s talk was that the future belongs to those who are willing to create it. Based off their first few weeks in The Lab, it appears that this summer’s Flywheelers will be in on the action.