The Latest from The Lab: June 25, 2018

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Experiential Peak Performance Program


Last week, members of our TPM community had an amazing opportunity to learn all about peak cognitive performance and how to obtain it in any endeavor. Mental training experts Mark Williams (USAF, Retired) and Bill Kipp (US Marines, Retired) led the way, spending the first half of the day instructing in the classroom before taking the lessons to the field for the afternoon. After we'd learned about the mechanics of nervous system regulation, situational awareness, and the optimal performance zone, the ropes course that followed offered a great platform to put our learning into action while under extreme duress. The real challenge now will be to apply our takeaways from the whole course to our daily lives.

I want to thank Mark and Bill for sharing their wisdom and experience with us, as well as those of you who blocked out a workday and endured some serious discomfort in the name of peak performance.


Did You Vote???

On a related note, I'd like to share my endorsement for Mark Williams, who is running for Representative to the 116th United States Congress in Colorado’s 2nd District. I've been working with Mark over the past 9 months as he heads up our Cognitive Performance Institute, and I can attest to his character and intentions. It's his real world experience, service to our country, knowledge of human performance, and willingness to stand up to career politicians that has me. Read Mark's story here.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to vote by TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 26)!


Flywheel Project Turn 3

_Flywheel Summer 18.jpg

Flywheel Project Turn 3 is under way! For three months, nine ambitious interns from six colleges across the US will receive a fast-paced introduction to startups and entrepreneurship, entailing hands-on experience in The Lab and with some BLS portfolio companies. One of their first challenges was to help me identify ten potential partners in the human performance space. Read more here


Boulder Innovation Venture

The Boulder Chamber recently released the Boulder Innovation Venture Report, an initiative launched by the Boulder Economic Council last year. The goal of the report was to capture metrics and stories surrounding local innovation that can be used to elevate Boulder's status as a leading innovation city. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Boulder startup community, Black Lab Sports was a proud sponsor of the Boulder Innovation Venture.


Coworking Space: Help Us Spread the Word!

There are still desks available at our coworking space, featuring adjustable standing desks, natural light, free parking, and one of Boulder's most dynamic work environments for entrepreneurs.

Find more details here and please help us spread the word!