Below are the specialists providing services out of the Performance Lab.

Revo PT & Sports Performance has changed the way sports medicine services are delivered. Revo blends PT and personal training with a biomechanics lab twist to help you to feel your best and live your best life. The Revo PT advantage revolves around state of the art biomechanics technology, high speed motion capture and EMG, that seamlessly applies sports science in a rehabilitation and sports performance setting.

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Boulder Training Systems, LLC- Train Boulder Style

Joe Horwat has been involved in the sports performance and fitness industry in Boulder for the past 20 years. Before joining Black Lab Sports he has managed some of the largest most successful training programs and athletic clubs in the country. During this time has developed a specific training  system to help people of all ages and ability levels meet and exceed their fitness and performance goals. Many of his professional athletes have competed in the Olympics, X Games, and have set world records.

In addition to holding the highest certifications in the health, fitness and sports performance industry Joe is a competitive athlete himself and knows what it takes to optimize results in the gym. Some of his sports of choice include; Mountain Biking- Enduro, Downhill, and Trail Riding, Snowboarding- Backcountry, Freeriding, and Big Mountain, Weightlifting- Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, and Bodybuilding, Triathlon- Olympic and Sprint distance.

His focus is on personal training, unique specialized group exercise classes and online training. He teaches systematic result based training to help you indoors, to be your best at your outdoor actives, sports, and life. Get in touch with Joe today to set up your introductory personal training session and to find a class that meets your goals and schedule.

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Element 6 studio is dedicated to helping you sculpt your mind and body through purposeful and intentional individual whole-life programing. A whole-life evolution. This personal approach is designed to support and empower your goals and dreams. 

Element 6, believes that to Up-Lift and Up-Level your life the six essential elements of health and fitness must be present:

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Environmental, Social and Spiritual

Mix these six essential elements with healthy doses of complimentary Eastern and Western medical sciences and an individualized Movement X program, and your personal Evolution is underway. 

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