The Latest from the Lab: May 21, 2018

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Boulder Startup Week Recap

As Boulder Startup Week comes to a close, we want to thank everyone who joined us in The Lab, especially our mentors who agreed to be panelists. We were honored to host this year's Adventure Track and psyched to have so many bright and curious people on stage and in the audience. Here are some shots from our five panels and two workout sessions:



How to Launch, Scale, and Survive in the Adventure Market ft. Jeremy Balboni of Brooklyn Boulders and Ian MacGregor of Skratch Labs; moderated by Sue Heilbronner of MergeLane





The Adventure Within: Pushing the Limits of Human Potential with Neuroscience ft. Alex Racey (Global Director of Executive Protection and Travel Security, former US Army Special Ops Command) and Joanna Zeiger (Race Ready Coaching, World Champion Triathlete); moderated by Mark Williams (head of BLS Neuroscience Lab, former F-15C Pilot)





Charting the Course: What Innovations Will Drive Growth for 2020? ft. Trent Bush of Black Diamond and Shelley Dunbar of Sea to Summit; moderated by JP O'Brien





Prepare for Your Next Adventure ft. Sky Van Horn of Element 6 (pictured)

Optimized Training for Your Next Adventure ft. Brian Briggs, Dane DeLozier, and Matt Smith of Revo Physiotherapy and Sports Performance





Technology & Adventure: How Does Blockchain, AI, 3D Printing, and IOT Change the Game in the Adventure Space? ft. Kyle Lefkoff of Boulder Ventures and Meridith Unger of Nix; moderated by Justin Bannan





Boulder FitTech Meetup moderated by Robbie Jack of Fitbot and Young Kim of Boulder FitTech





Coworking Space.jpg

New Coworking Space

Our new coworking space is up and running, featuring 22 adjustable standing desks, plenty of natural light, and one of the most dynamic work environments you'll find. We're renting out desks by the month, so if you're interested, please send Becky an email here.



Neuroscience Lab.png

Accelerated Mind Performance

The BLS Neuroscience Lab announces the kickoff of its Accelerated Mind Performance (AMP) training, beginning June 12th. AMP training develops mental resiliency and agility and gives individuals the skills to perform at peak levels across every aspect of their lives. For more information and to sign up, please click on this link or refer to the attached document.


Climbing Addicts. Climb Consciously.

Climbing Addicts. Climb Consciously.

Climbing Addicts Launch

Our growth division just launched its first client: Climbing Addicts, which offers eco-conscious colored climbing chalk. They've reimagined the entire Climbing Addicts business, from logo, identity, positioning, website, packaging, and product strategy to negotiating corporate and athlete partnerships with Leave No Trace and paraclimbing champion Maureen Beck.

For the climbers among you who want to minimize the trail you leave on the environment, Climbing Addicts is offering a limited time offer on its 3 color bundle. Visit Climbing Addicts and use code GET1FREE at checkout.


Paintballing with the Green Berets

Ever wondered what it might feel like to square off with a Green Beret? I had the opportunity to go paintballing with ten of them recently, and I'll just say this: their advantage, even while facing twice as many opponents, was almost comical. But what an awesome (and humbling!) experience.