The Latest from The Lab: April 26, 2018

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Boulder Startup Week is Coming!

Boulder Startup Week is almost here (May 14-18). As part of our continuing TPM series, Black Lab Sports is honored to host the Adventure Track series. Sessions include:

  • The Adventure Within: Pushing the Limits of Human Potential with Neuroscience, featuring:
    • Mark Williams, Former F-15C Pilot, entrepreneur, and now heading up Black Lab Sports' Cognitive Performance Institute
    • Alex Racey, Former US Army Special Operations Command and now Global Director of Executive Protection and Travel Security
    • Stay Tuned - To be Announced! 
  • How to Launch, Scale, and Survive in the Adventure Market, featuring:
    • Sue Heilbronner, CEO, MergeLane
    • Jeremy Balboni, CEO, Brooklyn Boulders
    • Ian MacGregor, CEO, Skratch Labs
  • Technology & Adventure: How Does Blockchain, AI, 3D Printing, and IOT Change the Game in the Adventure Space?, featuring:
    • Kyle Lefkoff, Founder & General Partner, Boulder Ventures
    • Meridith Unger, Founder & CEO, Nix
    • Justin Bannan, Founder & Director of Pro Advisors, Black Lab Sports
  • Charting the Course: What Innovations Will be Driving Growth by 2020?, featuring:
    • Trent Bush, Vice President of Apparel, Black Diamond
    • Shelley Dunbar, Founder & Owner, Sea to Summit
    • JP O'Brien, Founder & CEO, Black Lab Sports
  • FitTech Meetup
  • Prepare for Your Next Adventure

We want to pack The Lab with as many people as possible, so we encourage you to register here for the sessions that interest you ASAP. Please pass the link on to friends and family who might want to join as well. When it comes to sharing knowledge and building the Boulder startup community, the more, the merrier!



Inaugural TPM Forum

Our first TPM forum on AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning was a success! Thanks to everyone who came and to panelists Aaron Schram, Nate Sammons, and Greg Greenstreet for sharing their insights and framing our discussion. Stay tuned for news on the next forum!


Thank you, Trimble!

Trimble, one of Boulder's largest software companies that's doing amazing work around complex systems, sponsored last week's TPM forum. Many thanks to them and to Black Lab Sports mentor Chris Keating of SketchUp for making it happen!


Cognitive Performer Summit

As the Black Lab Sports Cognitive Performance and Training Institute becomes a reality, we're trying to be exhaustive in our research and networking in this field. Last week, Mark Williams and I attended the Cognitive Performer Summit in San Francisco, hosted by Dr. Andy Walshe and Logitech. From the vantage point of esport pros, cognitive innovators, and data breakthroughs, we explored ways to support and train those whose mastery is dominated by the cognitive realm. We can't wait to start sharing and applying our takeaways!


Dick's Sporting Goods Visit

We recently visited the Dick's Sporting Goods HQ in Pittsburgh to meet with the executive team and introduce them to several brands, including Ball Aerospace, Skratch Labs, and playPORTAL. It was a productive trip all around and we'll continue working closely with Dick's to explore potential options for later 2018 and 2019.



VaynerMedia Partnership is a Go

We're happy to announce that we officially kicked off our relationship with VaynerMedia, a high-level, full-service digital agency. isplack is partnering with a bunch of VaynerSports (an athlete representation agency) clients this summer and is already off and running in preparation.