Top Picks Tuesday

Welcome to our #tpt series, featuring four favorite discoveries or inspirations from the last week. This week's picks come from Steve Eovine, a Boston native, outdoor enthusiast, and finance expert who's helping Black Lab Sports entrepreneurs reach their goals.



  • PERSON: I have a deep admiration for Kevin Garnett.  He played most of his NBA career with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics.  When he was traded to Boston in 2008, he singlehandedly changed the culture of the Celtics franchise, from a group of individuals to a close-knit team of players and executives.  His leadership didn’t come solely from his basketball ability; he led through example, outworking opponents and teammates every day.  He was also a great role model in the community.
  • PRODUCT: I am not very tech savvy, but my iPhone has become an irreplaceable item.  I rely on this device for everything: managing my calendar, all forms of communication, music, managing my finances, and performing research on the internet. In the morning, I reach for my iPhone before anything else, including coffee!!
  • CONCEPT: It’s amazing how sometimes you can effectively apply a concept from one subject to something completely different.  There is a concept in accounting called “Accounting Controls” where you develop steps in a process to ensure completeness and accuracy.  This practice has served me well in so many other aspects of my career.  It taught me to always double check my work.
  • BOOK: The book Wild by Cheryl Strayed had a profound impact on me.  Her story chronicled the journey she took to re-discover herself while hiking 2,000 miles up the Pacific Crest trail in California.  I had a similar experience last year, leaving my career behind to travel the world and forge a new path in life.  It brought me to Colorado where the journey continues…


Thanks for spreading the inspiration, Steve!


What are your #tpt?