Top Picks Tuesday

Welcome to our #tpt series, featuring four favorite discoveries or inspirations from the last week. This week's picks come from Zach Murphy, Executive Director of Flywheel Project, people developer, always practicing.



  • PERSON: John Wheeler. He was a theoretical physicist who focused his efforts on the concept of general relativity and futurism. His quote, "As our island of knowledge grows, so does our shore of ignorance" captures the feeling of ignorance as we gain more knowledge.
  • PRODUCT: Stabilo Pens. These changed the way I take notes. I use color and creativity to outline ideas and separate thoughts. When I was younger I couldn't stand looking at my own handwriting, but when I started taking notes as a creative process, that all changed. I capture more ideas and have a higher level of engagement in my own work because I adapted my methods. 
  • CONCEPT: The Modern Elder. Globalization and the development of new technologies have changed the role of mentors and elders becomes increasingly complex. Modern elders will have a lasting impact on leaders by using their experience, not age, to increase the potential of people around them. 
  • BOOK: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. This is a must-read book. Written as a fictional narrative, it focuses on the journey of a young man toward his personal legend. One of the biggest lessons is the focus on realizing that often what we are looking for is inside of us. 


Thanks for sharing some of the things that inspire you, Zach!


What are your #tpt?