2017 Boulder Economic Summit

Last week, the Boulder Chamber hosted its annual Boulder Economic Summit at the University of Colorado. The 2017 theme was "The Innovation Imperative" because...

As an epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship, Boulder knows what it takes to innovate: a sustained commitment to scientific research, a world-class workforce, and an economic climate that rewards creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is not innovation for innovation sake, but results in real solutions, products and services.  Innovation is where an idea starts, and entrepreneurship is where innovation meets the marketplace.  In the right circumstances with the right people, innovation can lead to business and entrepreneurial opportunities. As a community, we need to continue to do our part to cultivate the best ideas and enable our best minds, allowing Boulder’s innovators to change the world with great ideas, products and services.

Along with four other bright minds from different sectors of the local community, our own JP O'Brien was invited to sit on the closing panel, titled "Boulder's Culture of Creativity and Innovation." Each of the five guests (Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly, Dirk Friel of Peaksware, Deborah Malden of Boulder Chamber, Nancy Smith of Frequent Flyers, and JP, representing Black Lab Sports) spent a few minutes sharing his or her unique perspective before fielding questions from emcee Frances Draper (Vice Chancellor of Strategic Relations at CU) and members of the audience.

In his few minutes of allotted time, I thought JP did a great job conveying the Black Lab Sports environment and mission. I invite you to press play below if you want to know more about The Lab, JP's core purpose, and the role that innovation plays in both.