Top Picks Tuesday

Welcome to our new series! Every Tuesday, we'll feature four of our favorite discoveries or inspirations from the last week. Some will be timeless, others will be new and ground-breaking, but all will be impactful on our work at The Lab.

  • PERSON: Rashad Evans. Down to earth, humble guy. Hard to imagine he hits people in the face for a living.
  • PRODUCT: Charlotte's Web. Dealing with decades of stigma, the future of hemp for health and recovery is being discovered.
  • CONCEPT: OKRs (Objective and Key Results). We use this system at Black Lab Sports. A powerful way to create clarity of direction and accountability of action.
  • BOOKThe Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler. Flow revisited. A look at the limit of human potential and how to approach and expand our limits.

What are your #tpt?