Top Picks Tuesday

Welcome to our newest series, featuring four favorite discoveries or inspirations from the last week. This week's picks come from Dane Delozier on behalf of our friends and resident body gurus at Revo PT and Sports Performance.



  • PERSONJocko Willink. With Memorial Day just yesterday, Jocko has been on my mind as I reflected on the meaning of such a holiday. A retired Navy Seal, Jocko is now an author and podcaster. He speaks a lot about discipline and leadership. Entrepreneurs and athletes alike should listen up.
  • PRODUCTBulletproof Keto Prime. I have been experimenting with various supplements to improve my brain function and have been having good results with ketoprime lately.
  • CONCEPT: “So in the majority of other things, we address circumstances not in accordance with the right assumptions, but mostly by following wretched habit. Since all that I’ve said is the case, the person in training must seek to rise above, so as to stop seeking out pleasure and steering away from pain; to stop clinging to living and abhorring death; and in the case of property and money, to stop valuing receiving over giving.”— Musonius Rufus, Lectures, 6.25.5–11.  I've been taking a deep dive into stoic philosophy and this piece has been stuck in my brain. I'm a huge fan of abandoning the whole "this is how it's always been done" mindset.
  • BOOKThe War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield. Just started this book recently and am loving it. Being creative can often feel daunting for a science guy like me. Actionable advice on ways to ditch the internal barriers and get things shipped.


Thank you for sharing some of the things that are fueling your work right now, Dane!

What are your #tpt?