Top 8 Sports Industry Trends Predicted for 2017 (and 1 from me)

A wrist full of wearables (

A wrist full of wearables (

About this time last year, Deloitte predicted that 2016 would be the year of wearables in sports—and it was. The explosion of Apple watches, FitBits, and other real-time trackers is revolutionizing the way that we measure, track, and improve performance, from pros all the way to beginners.

This week, Deloitte released their 2017 forecast, and based on their track record so far, it’s a projection worth following. Notably, data analytics is expected to dominate the sports industry this year, not just for player and end-game strategy, but also for fan engagement and general sports administration.

I thought I'd offer my own prediction for the year ahead, which I'll return to and evaluate in March of 2018. I'm predicting that the most innovative sports industry change in 2017 will be the emergence of a new sports media paradigm. The signals are strong: there is so much great content, so much emotion and potential for storytelling, so many individual screens for personalization—but so many barriers to capturing a large audience amidst all the noise and demands for a consumer's attention.

While we haven't yet identified exactly what shape this new paradigm will take, Black Lab Sports's Fund II is on the lookout for entrepreneurs that are tackling these next-generation media platforms.

Find Deloitte’s Sports Industry Starting Lineup for 2017 at: