Why I'm more optimistic about 2017 than ever.

In spite of, and maybe as a result of, the current uncertainty and new fear, I'm even more optimistic about 2017.

I believe that resilient, mindful people, even in hard and uncertain times, will make a better world for all.

At Black Lab Sports, we focus on identifying, developing, growing, and supporting these unique people. We do this by standing up for our beliefs and values. We surround ourselves with awesome humans. We choose to work in meaningful businesses that develop and grow the individual, team, and community. We celebrate disruptive innovation and practice the art of turning thoughts into reality.

Three years ago, we set out to create a new type of ecosystem - one that combines business, sports, and art - where we physically engage with the world and work in the real. We built an incubator space for our entrepreneurs. We built a sports performance lab for our athletes and for brands that want to test, evaluate, and build case studies for their products. We built a creative collective of artists to maximize creative imagination and spark innovation. We built a logistics provider, to accelerate the go-to-market capabilities and reduce friction for our companies.

Today, in the face of growing uncertainty and fear, we have decided to raise a new fund to battle against and minimize the impact of this new fear.

If you want to get involved, if you are curious about the people and work being done here, then I invite you to learn more and join the conversation.