Flywheel Project @ Black Lab Sports

Fall 2017 Internship Program

Program Start Date:  September 2017

Location: Boulder, Co

Within our walls stand a distribution center, creative collective, a sports performance laboratory, and a sports accelerator.  

We invest our time, people, and money in innovations that solve problems felt by athletes, teams, and fans of all ages. In other words, we strive to enhance the athletic experience, health, and wellness for everyone involved.

We house over 11 independent and portfolio companies. This diverse ecosystem is the ideal place to develop an understanding of sports, business, art, fitness and technology. Our leadership program is designed to provide students with the experience and network needed to thrive in a future career. 

We are looking for high-school students, college students and graduates who are interested in sports, startups, marketing and social media, digital design, film and media production and the arts. 

Program Overview

Program Start Date:  September 2017

Location: Boulder, Co

Interns will be exposed to: 

  • Real world knowledge of startups and the processes leading to their success
  • Diverse group of early startups 
  • Professional network of executives and athletes
  • Participating in active marketing, merchandising


  • Come ready to learn and work 
  • Be an active participant in brainstorming and problem solving
  • Accountable to managers to complete tasks on time
  • Give feedback on and reflect on best practices 


  • Current College Students & Recent Graduates
  • Desire to contribute to startups 
  • Interest in working in sports

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